The GAL Charity Tournament on August 28th is the main fundraiser for Shelter Movers of Ottawa.

We estimate we will need approximately $15,000 to get “moving”. We raised over $8,000 at our tournament.

We welcome other fundraising opportunities. Please contact Rob Knights at 613-355-5100 or

GAL giving back to the community has been a central value since the beginning. It has now become important to members and is one way that GAL is recognized in the Ottawa Community.

In 2017, GAL has assisted the founding of Shelter Movers of Ottawa. The funds raised from the GAL Golf Tournament will be donated to provide seed funding to “start-up” the organization in Ottawa that currently exists in Toronto.   We are forever grateful to be an extension of the Toronto organization who has worked, under the direction of Marc Hull-Jacquin, tirelessly over the last year to put policies and procedures together to ensure the safety of all involved.

Shelter Movers of Ottawa will provide moving services at no cost to women and children fleeing abuse. In collaboration with local shelters and businesses, Shelter Movers supports families transitioning to a life free of violence. Leaving abuse is never easy, and many survivors face losing all they own when they leave. GAL wants to help by proudly supporting the establishment of a new Shelter Movers chapter serving the National Capital Region – Shelter Movers of Ottawa.

Funding is needed to cover vehicle rentals, packing materials and insurance. We are actively recruiting volunteers with the goal of moving the first client in September, 2017. To learn more, visit Any interested volunteers please connect with Dianna Gardner at

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